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Subject: Dog Pound Daze, part 15Dog Pound Daze, part 15 by lennoxbearaol.comThe following is continuation of characters presented in Feelings of
Security and To Folsum and Beyond.NOTE: This story includes references and descriptions to gay, male to male
sex, if such matters offend you, please exit. Also, actions of a sexual
nature occur in this story which are not a statement supporting unsafe
sexual practices, this is a work of fiction and Nonude Preteen Models
fantasy.The news about Mark’s mugging spread quickly through town. Many people
stopped to express concern and ask how he was doing. Students all over
campus approached Kyle and shared their concerns. The response was
overwhelmingly positive and made Mark and Kyle feel better. Coach Anderson
sprung into action and began dealing with diversity issues and cultural
awareness with his teams and coaches. Mark wasn’t Nonude Preteen Models about to rat. Coach
figured he would have to find out who was responsible and deal with the
guilty parties in time and with staunch justice.Word of his efforts attracted lots of additional support from within the
community and was soon responsible for groups springing up all over the
place. The guys at the Nonude Preteen Models gym got involved as positive role models for
business people and also for young Nonude Preteen Models people working to deal with their own
concerns and issues. Coach Anderson was genuinely touched by the
outpouring of support and hoped it would convince Mark to tell the police
who his attackers were. Mark remained tight-lipped.He returned to class to keep up with preparations for finals but was not
quite up to working out Nonude Preteen Models with the team for spring drills. He did show up at
practice but only sparingly worked out in the weight room. The majority of
his teammates seemed supportive but the tension was thick over the guilty
parties. Kyle would show up and watch from the sidelines in the hopes that
someone would slip and make a comment. Tom met him one afternoon on the
field and watched his brother’s face. It showed the stress he felt over
the whole ordeal and the love he had for the young man in his life. Tom
Pratt had written out a list of supplements from Nonude Preteen Models a herbalist to help with
Mark’s recovery. Kyle and Tom headed to one of the local health and
nutrition stores to get some of the items. A young blond man with a rather
thick beefy build was behind the counter and couldn’t take his eyes off of
them but was too busy with customers to talk to Nonude Preteen Models them. Another clerk helped
Kyle with the order while Tom browsed the aisles for a couple of other
items Tom Pratt had recommended for them as contest prep.The young man was finally free and approached Kyle. “You’re Mark’s lover
aren’t you? I’ve seen you guys in the store.” Kyle nodded yes. “I hope
someone comes down on those bastards and reams them a new one.” Kyle
smiled.”So do I but Mark isn’t saying and so far we don’t have any clues other
than they are either football players or on one of the other teams.”"They’re football players.” Kyle turned and looked into the guy’s eyes.
“I overheard a couple of guys talking about it here in the store, but I
don’t know names. I was busy and couldn’t even get a good look at them,
other than they both were packing a ton of muscle.”"That could be just about anyone on the football team. Coach Anderson is
heavy into weight training.”"Yeah, but I think these guys are doing illegal roids and some other
supplements.”"Well, I’m hoping we can convince Mark to talk. He’s trying to work back
but having a rough time of it.”"They’re both huge and one has a Celtic tat all over his left arm.” Kyle
stopped and his face changed with recognition.”I think I may know who you mean, they just came out for the team this
spring. In fact, they live in our apartment building. That may be why
Mark is not talking. They’re too close for comfort. Hey, I need to buy
these things and get over to pick up Mark, thanks, uh, what’s your name?”"Dave.” Kyle shook his hand and handed him his selections.”Hey Tom, I need to get back over to campus. Catch up with you guys later.
That’s my brother.’”He’s your brother?”"Yeah, I’m the runt.”"No, you’re not, you’re very well-built but he’s fucking awesome, wow, and
hot.” Kyle looked up from signing the receipt as Dave’s face went red.”He’s in training for a bodybuilding contest. Owns the Dog Pound Gym.”
Kyle had lost Dave, as the young man seemed to be suddenly drooling over
his brother. “He’s a cool guy, introduce yourself.”"OK, nice meeting you.” He handed Kyle his bag.”Thanks for the info too. If we catch the guys because of this I’ll come
back and have sex with you.”"Sure thing, thanks.” Kyle smiled as Dave went deeper into lust.”Right here on the counter.”"Sure thing, thanks.” Kyle looked around the store and laughed. He waved
at Tom as he left. Dave was in deep lust, no sense even trying to talk to
him.Tom was comparing his Nonude Preteen Models
lists to shelves when Dave walked over to help. “May
I help you sir?” His voice cracked a bit. Tom looked at the solidly built
young man and recognized weightlifting talent when he saw it. He also saw
a big dick struggling against the front of Dave’s jeans.”Do you have these things, I can’t seem to locate them?” He showed Dave
the list, as the young man looked at him all glassy eyed.Dave looked at the list, then up at Tom, who was only a bit taller. He
seemed to be really nervous now and Tom smiled to try to calm him. He only
blushed more. “Yeah, we do but I have to get it from the back room. The
owner just left for the day and it’s up to me to lock up and restock
shelves. You need Nonude Preteen Models
this for a competition? Your brother just told me you
were in training. How big are your arms anyway?”"They’re 24.”"Awesome, mine are only 18.” Dave did a quick flex?”That’s pretty damn good buddy, how old are you?”"I’m 18, just turned. Graduate from High School in a couple of weeks.”"Well for a high school dude, 18 inch arms are pretty awesome.”"Thanks. You own a gym?”"Yeah, the Dog Pound.”"I’ve been past but have never gone inside.”"Well, why don’t you come down and I’ll give you a week for free.”"Really? Let me get your stuff.” Dave turned around and almost knocked
over a display trying to get away from Tom. “Oh, I better lock the door,
technically we’re closed, you’re the, the last, uh, customer.” Nonude Preteen Models
His hands
were shaking as he turned the door lock.”Dave, that is your name right?” Dave shook his head. “Am I making you
nervous?”"No, uh, why, do I look nervous?” He backed away from Tom.”Yeah, I’m a cool guy, no need to be nervous just cause I am a bit bigger
than a lot of men.”Dave rummaged through the stock room for Tom’s listed items as Tom watched.
The kid was struggling to hide a full erection and each move only made it
worse. “No, your being a bodybuilder doesn’t make me nervous, but I’ve
heard some other things about you.”"Oh like what?”"That, well, that, uh, you and you’re, uh, partner are and the guy who runs
the gym is, well”"Gay?”Dave stood in the middle of the stockroom with Tom’s items and stared at
Tom. His lip quivered and his hands trembled.”Does that bother you?”He walked over to Tom and handed him his selections. He stared into the
big man’s eyes and bit his lip. “It doesn’t bother me at all, not at all.”"I’m a pretty nice guy Dave, really.” Dave’s eyes looked over Tom’s huge
chest and arms and sighed.”Oh shit, no, I know you’re a nice guy but there are things that make me
nervous about myself.” Tom leaned against the side of the door and put his
hand on Dave’s shoulder.”Are you gay and not sure how to deal with it?” Dave took a long deep
breath and slowly raised his hand to touch Tom’s thick forearm. He shook
his head yes and ran his hand up the biceps.”"I haven’t told anyone, not even my parents. I don’t know how to do that.”"There isn’t an easy way to do that, it just happens and you hope to
survive and that your parents will be supportive. But it also helps to
have some supportive people on your side to talk to about all of this.
It’s a big load for a young guy. Uh Nonude Preteen Models no pun intended.” Dave laughed. “If
you need to talk, I’ll listen.” Tom sat on a display carton while Dave
restocked shelves and poured out his heart. He had met a guy two years
prior and had played around and knew he was gay but scared to tell anyone.
Then he heard stories about gay men in town and began to keep his eyes and
ears open. Every man he saw who he found attractive, he found wishing
would be gay and come out Nonude Preteen Models to him. He rang up Tom’s sale and handed him his
bag.”Thanks for listening, I feel a lot better for getting that off of my
chest.”"Glad I could help, it’s a nice chest by the way. You really should come
down to the gym for that week, we’ll give you some pointers.”"You’ve already given me one.” Dave stepped away from the sales desk to
show Tom he still had his hardon. Tom smiled. “What do I do now, uh, no,
not about this. I’ll whack off for a week after meeting you, but how do I
deal with being gay?”"That’s something you will learn as you go along but I suggest you talk
with your parents first. Then maybe some friends with whom you can be
honest. Small steps become a race for time. And if you need to talk, you
can find me at the gym, or Red, he’s a good man to talk to too. There are
a lot of us there.” Dave’s eyes got big. “There are a lot more gay people
in this town than you probably realize.”"Thanks, again. And I’d like to stay in touch.”"My pleasure.” Dave came around the desk and hugged Tom. He held on for a
long time until Tom finally enclosed the young muscle pup in his arms.”I hope I meet someone like you some day.”"You will, just be patient, don’t be in too much of a hurry.” Tom kissed
him on his forehead and squeezed his arm as he left the store. Dave stood
in the doorway and watched Tom pull away.Red was at his desk doing paperwork when a shadow in the doorway made him
look up. Sonny stood in the door and nervously looked in at the thick
muscle man.”We need to talk.”"No, you need to talk to Vic. He’s the cop and you need to deal with him.”
Red got up from behind the desk. He didn’t want to be trapped there in
case anything would happen. Sonny took a step into the room and Red felt
the heat from his immense body.”I just came from talking with Vic and told him everything I know.” He
walked closer to Red, who was determined to stand his ground. “Red. I am
not the kind of guy who takes liberties with someone and, believe me, I
respect limits. I admit I made a mistake here but I did not set you up to
be some sex toy for those days, really I didn’t.” Red studied Sonny’s
body. He was afraid that his lust for a man like Sonny would overcome his
sensibility to stay away.”Why should I believe you, just because you have a big dick and promise not
to abuse me, or anyone else with it?”"No, I don’t expect you to believe me. I only hope this will be solved and
that you will somehow forgive me. Trust is something that has to be earned
with time and I really fucked that up with you. Red, please, believe me I
am so sorry. I let you down and Darrell and Ron, please.” Red shook his
head in disbelief and turned back toward his desk.He snorted. “Yeah, and why the fuck should I?”"Cause, so far, everything he has told us has checked out, Red.” Red
turned back around to see Vic standing in the doorway. “We took his full
statement and so far, he’s clean, except for making bad judgements about
the guy who came to pick him up. We’re Nonude Preteen Models
questioning him right now. I
stopped by to tell you this on my way to workout.”Sonny stood between them and took a deep breath. “You caught up with him
and have him in custody?”"We’re questioning him, he hasn’t been charged with anything. The guys
have to check out a couple of details with Darrell and Ron too.”Red’s head snapped around. “They’re not cleared?”"Yes, they are but there are a couple of details that they need to point
out that could seal this guy’s fate. They’re on their way over to talk
with the other officers. They are really upset about losing you Red. I
think you need to talk with them.”"I’m not ready to yet. I need some more time.”"I understand. Sonny, thanks for coming in and answering all those
questions. It really helped. And we hope to track down the second guy
later tonight.” Red sat on the edge of his desk. “I’ll catch you after my
workout Red, please think about Darrell and Ron.” He walked out of the
office and left Red and Sonny alone.”There was another guy. Good grief who all fucked me?” Sonny walked over
to Red and reached out with his massive arm to hold Red’s shoulder. He
rubbed the round Nonude Preteen Models delt and spoke in a low tone.”I don’t know Red. These guys hang out with a pretty rowdy crew. They
fuck anything that comes along, man or woman. I am so sorry.” Red watched
a wet spot hit the carpet. He looked up to see tears rolling down Sonny’s
face. “You’re a good man, and heaven knows, a hot little muscle guy. I
watched you and Darrell and Ron. Then there’s Dell and Richard, Vic and
Joe and to top it off Eric and Tom. I’ve never been in a relationship like
what you guys have, don’t let it slip away. I would be so happy to find a
guy like any one of you. You have a special quality of friendship that
isn’t easy to find. You’re all there to support each other and so deeply
care it’s so wonderful, I, well, I hope to be so lucky one day.”"Yeah, they are pretty good friends. So, you don’t have anyone in your
life?”"No, I travel too much for business but that may end soon. I just never
let anyone get close in a relationship kind of way. They all just wanted
me for my dick or body. Guess I should think that’s a compliment but at
30, I want more out of a friendship or relationship. I was excited cause I
was hoping to settle here and maybe become friends with you guys, guess I
blew it.”"Maybe not.” Red bit his lip and crossed his arms over his big pecs. “I
still need some time. I can’t say I forgive you yet, but I need to figure
out why I am always so trusting and get hurt.”"I understand.” Sonny turned around to leave. “Talk with Darrell and Ron,
please. If I stay here, I can only hope in time you will get to know me
better and forgive me. I’m willing to wait and earn back your trust and
friendship. But your lovers, well, have they ever done anything before to
put you in jeopardy or to cause you not to trust them? Nonude Preteen Models I’m going to go hit
the weights, take care.”Dell walked in a few minutes later and found Red with his head down on his
desk. “You OK, buddy?”"Oh man Dell, I don’t know what to do. I feel like someone is ripping my
insides out. I am so scared. I think I still love Darrell and Ron but my
head is all confused, my stomach is upside down and my chest just plain
hurts. I don’t know where I stand. Darrell and Ron or?” He throws his
hand up and waves it in a circle.”You need time, it will become clearer.”"No, I still love Darrell and Ron but ….” Dell rubs his shoulders. “I
think I also love Eric and Tom.” Dell rubbed harder on Red’s big tense
traps until the stocky man stops him.”Sorry, I was getting a mental image of you in the middle of those four
beefy men. I need to go find Richard. I can’t tell you what to do guy.
That’s something you have to think through yourself. I’ll listen and maybe
ask questions, but I think Richard is better at giving this kind of advice
and analyzing details.”Dell kissed Red on top of his shaved head and walked toward the door. “You
need to keep all of your lines of communication open, even with Sonny. I
saw what happened and saw when he walked out of your door. The man appears
to be genuinely remorseful. There is a lot of emotional Nonude Preteen Models energy being
expended all over here. We’re here if you need to talk.”Red sat at his desk and looked over the paperwork. Nonude Preteen Models
The motivation and
concentration he needed to Nonude Preteen Models deal with it wasn’t there. It was getting late
and the gym would be closed in a couple of hours. He decided to expend the
negative energy and do a light machine workout and run. Since accepting
Eric’s challenge of competing in an upcoming bodybuilding contest, he
thought it Nonude Preteen Models would help with cuts. The bodyfat level was hovering around
8.5% and Red knew he had to do much better. He closed his office door and
motioned to Richard at the desk that he was going to workout. As he
changed in the locker room he overheard two guys in another row talking
about their sexual feats. Neither seemed to care about really getting to
know the other person and the conversation made Red feel even lonelier. He
began his circuit on the second floor and soon felt his energy level
changing. An hour of machines led to running. As he circled the track
above the workout areas he could see members busily working away. Joe and
Vic were working out with Bill and Steve who had come into town to work out
details on their cabin. Sonny was working in the free weight room alone.
Mike was putting Doug through his paces. Red had to admire Doug for the
progress he was making and for the relationship he was building with Mike.
Don was training two new members. Dell was in the process of closing down
the caf^ and Richard was at the front desk happily saying good night to
people as they left. It all seemed like a well-oiled system. Red felt
like his cog was missing a sprocket. His running lasted about 30minutes.
He made his way to the locker room. The clock showed 9:30 and the gym
would be closing at 10. He called the front desk and told Richard not to
worry about him but to go ahead and lock up the place. He didn’t think he
would be leaving by 10.The sauna loosened his aching joints and relaxed him a bit. He had only
been in the heat about five minutes when Bill and Steve walked in teasing
each other about their workouts.”Hey, pup, how are you? Everything getting back to normal?” Bill squeezed
Red wet thigh and made a quick grab for his dick. Red fended him off Nonude Preteen Models
a laugh.”Slowly, Very slowly. Still in the have a lot of thinking to do stage.”Steve ran his hand over Red’s shoulder. “Take your time buddy, I know
healing can be a slow process, if we can help let us know.” He pointed at
the clock and motioned to Bill.Red waved his hand. “Don’t worry about the time guys, I told Richard I
would close the place. He’ll lock the doors but you can stay late with
me.”"Thanks, buddy. Come on Bill, let’s hit the steam.” Red watched the two
big, furry muscular giants head to the steam room. He slouched in the
sauna for a couple more minutes then walked out to dowse himself with
water. Richard would be locking the doors and leaving now. Red looked at
his reflection in the door of the sauna and liked what he saw. He would be
in excellent shape for the contest. He just needed to recharge his
batteries. Bill and Steve were leaning against each other in the steam and
idly playing with each other’s cocks. Red walked over and stood in front
of them.”OK, men. We’re here, we’re queer. So fuck me now.”Tom and Eric had pushed each other through an intense workout at home and
started in on one of Tom Pratt’s programs guaranteed to get Tom in winning
competition shape. Eric was doing the program with him so that he wouldn’t
be suffering the dieting alone. Tom was feeling energized and pumped and
posing for Eric in the gym basement. Eric was coaching him on some of his
poses and thinking of ways to give Tom an extra edge on stage. Tom watched
Eric’s face in the mirror as he moved through the different poses. He
listened to the advice from his mentor and watched the face. Eric’s face
had changed over the almost two years they had been together. It was still
a handsome rugged masculine face but there was an additional light that Tom
noticed. If Tom had any doubts about Eric’s devotion or commitment to him,
one look at the steel blue eyes would tell him the man was his lover,
protector and master.”Some change from that runt who walked into my office two years ago.” Eric
leaned back against one of the chest machines and smiled.”I wasn’t a runt.” Tom looked at him in the mirror and did a classic side
pose to highlight the thick arms, chest, back and legs. The tight shorts
hugged the huge round muscle butt and clung to the prominent basket.”But look where you are now.” Eric took a step closer as Tom relaxed from
his pose and shook out his cramping arms and legs. The two muscle freaks
made eye contact and reached out to touch fingertips. Eric stepped closer
put his left hand at the back of Tom’s neck and drew their mouths together.
The electricity and the heat and passion of that kiss traveled the whole
length of Tom’s body. Eric’s right hand came up to squeeze his son’s left
pec and play with the hard nipple. Tom felt his breathing become shorter.
His arms wrapped around the familiar back and lats and cupped the massive
butt pulling Eric’s hard cock against his body. The power Eric had over
him was total and complete. Eric simply had to kiss him deeply and hold
him to make him cum.Eric pushed Tom’s shorts down and ran his hands over the beefy body to
assess what Tom would need to improve to compete. He stopped and slowly
stroked the massive hard cock.”Have I told you I love you?” Tom’s eyes were closed as the tension from
Eric’s touch set his body to vibrating. Eric knelt in front of him and
kissed the head of his dick. Tom moaned and placed his hands on the huge,
round traps to support himself. “Now son.” Tom’s head went back as he let
go per his Master’s order.The End. Comments - suggestions? Lennoxbearaol.com
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